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06.11.2015 | Meeting with Inspection Council representatives and SEI’s BPMS experts

On the 6th of November 2015 members of the Inspection Council Ms. Irinka Kjoseva (Acting Head and responsible for civil engineering, urbanism and transportation), Ms. Marina Popovska-Domazetova (responsible for health and environmental protection) and Mr. Vojislav Dimitrovski (responsible for agriculture, forestry, veterinary and food safety) visited the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) and the Twinning Project.

In the meeting were present as well the Director of SEI, Mr. Firus Memed, the RTA and RTA Counterpart of the Twinning project (Mr. César Seoánez and Mr. Darko Blinkov), the Croatian expert Ms. Jasminka Drazenovic, the RTA Assistant Ms. Lidija Fajdiga, and the IT experts in charge of the development of SEI’s Business Process Management System (BPMS), namely Mr. Igor Kitanovski and Ms. Gordana Gjorcheska.

Mr. César Seoánez presented an overview of the Twinning Project, main outputs and points of common interest with the Inspection Council, such as:

  • Legal gaps& new Law for Inspection on Environment
  • Inspection planning & reporting in EU
  • Templates for: checklists, agenda for inspection, inspection report, inspection publicly available report.
  • Criteria for evaluation of environmental inspectors

He requested to the Inspection Council representatives to read the recommendations and inspection manual delivered within the project and provide their feedback.

It was agreed that the Inspection Council representatives will receive the corresponding relevant materials related to topics discussed when available:

  • Presentation with data about typical times devoted by inspectors for IED inspections in the Spanish Region of Galicia.
  • Templates for: checklists, agenda for inspection, inspection report, inspection publicly available report.
  • Criteria for evaluation of environmental inspectors.

Afterwards, Mr. Igor Kitanovski provided a detailed presentation of SEI’s BPMS.

In addition Ms. Jasminka Drazenovic showed the main features of the Croatian e-Government portal, and will provide contact data of key people related to its development and maintenance to the members of the Inspection Council, in order to make a link to the team that will develop the Macedonian e-Government portal.

It was agreed with Inspection Council members to continue the cooperation and sharing of information relevant for both parties, in particular the one which may affect the implementation of the E-Inspection software.

Presentation delivered by the RTA:


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