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22.04.2016 | Meeting with Inspection Council representatives

On the 22nd of April of 2016 a meeting was held between Twinning Project representatives, and members of the Inspection Council Ms. Irinka Kjoseva (Acting Head and responsible for civil engineering, urbanism and transportation), Ms. Marina Popovska-Domazetova (responsible for health and environmental protection) and Mr. Vojislav Dimitrovski (responsible for agriculture, forestry, veterinary and food safety).

Twinning Project representatives included the Director of the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI), Mr. Firus Memed, the Spanish Project Leader, Mr. José Francisco Alonso Picón, the Dutch Junior Partner Project Leader, Mr. Rob Kramers, the RTA and RTA Counterpart of the Twinning project (Mr. César Seoánez and Mr. Darko Blinkov), the RTA Assistant, Ms. Lidija Fajdiga and MoEPP legal expert Ms. Dragana Cerepnalkovska.

Mr. César Seoánez presented the Spanish and Dutch Project Leaders, and continued with an overview of the results and outputs obtained so far through the Twinning Project, such as:

  • Institutional & legal assessment reports, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Tables of Concordance with EU legislation relevant to environemntal inspection & draft Law for Inspection on Environment.
  • Introduction of inspection planning in line with EU best practice, through EU IMPEL risk assessment IRAM software.
  • Guidance documents such as an environmental inspection manual and templates for: inspection checklists, agenda for inspection, inspection report, inspection publicly available report.
  • Proposals on performance indicators to evaluate Environmental Inspectorate & inspectors.
  • Fully operational website for the SEI, including sections to inform industrial operators and respond to usual questions from the public.

After that, several proposals were made for joint initiatives of the project with the Inspection Council:

  • Workshop to promote the use of available EU Funds by Inspectorates, by preparing proposals for Twinnings, Technical Assistance projects and Supply Contracts, depending on their needs.
  • Ad-hoc meetings with Twinning experts to discuss topics of interest for the Inspection Council. Several possible dates were proposed until the end of May.
  • Organisation of a meeting with a representative of the Dutch Inspection Council to exchange experiences.

In addition, some ideas were shared on key areas for the improvement of the performance and impact of the activities of the SEI, and its alignment with EU legislation and best practices, which may imply in turn a review of the Law on Inspection:

  • Promotion of plans and reports with multiannual and annual periodicity, eliminating more frequent planning and reporting obligations at least until a software automatising the process is in place.
  • Clear shift towards well-prepared, executed and followed-up inspections, with the corresponding decrease in the number of inspections, but increase in their quality and their impact on the improvement of operators’ performance.
  • Evaluation of inspectors giving a large weight to quality and outcome, with bonuses as a function of the responsibilities assumed by the inspectors within the organisation, avoiding financial penalties, and using evaluation as a tool for training needs assessment, team motivation and orientation of inspectors’ actions towards larger impact.
  • Inclusion, as a function of the duties to be carried out by the Inspection Council, of Directors of the Inspectorates and of staff with extensive experience in inspection.

Inspection Council members thanked project representatives for their input and support to the SEI and to the Inspection Council, and it was agreed that feedback would be provided by the Inspection Council to the proposals made within 1 week.

Presentation delivered by the RTA:  Twinning_Inspection_meeting_IC_160422_EN

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