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10.02.2016 | Fourth Steering Committee Meeting 09/02/2016

The fourth Steering Committee (SC) reviewing the progress of the project in the period between 12th of October 2015 to 11th of January of 2016 and discussing the programme for next 6 months (12th of January  till 11th of July 2016) took place on the 09th of February 2016 in Skopje with presence of the Macedonian, Spanish and Dutch Project Leaders, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, CFCD, EU Delegation, Secretariat for European Affairs, Technical Assistance project “Strengthening capacities for implementation of environmental legislation at local level” and the project team.

At the beginning the Macedonian Project Leader, Mr. Firus Memed emphasized the good work done so far, pointing on the elaboration of a draft Law for Inspection on Environment that is in its last stages of the procedure. The Spanish Project Leader, Mr. Alonso Picón agreed on the excellent progress done in last 3 months. Beside draft of the Law for environmental inspection, inspection manual and multiple templates and sector guidance documents have been prepared as well. The need for a better control of local inspectors by SEI for improved inspection planning, implementation and reporting purposes that might be at least partially achieved through the new Law for Inspection on Environment prepared within the project was stressed out again.

It was pointed out that there is a need to harmonize the current Law for Inspection Supervision and the draft Law for Inspection on Environment through a continuous dialogue of all the institutions represented in the Steering Committee with the Inspection Council, and support was requested in this sense by the project team. 

Minutes of the Third Steering Committee meeting were adopted. During the meeting Quarterly Report 4; Operative Side Letter 5; and main outputs delivered in the last quarter for the assessment of the Steering Committee were presented by the RTA. General project progress was assessed good. Main outputs were listed: active SEI website & visibility actions; Inspection manual; draft sector inspection checklists & factsheets (12 sectors); trainings on IRAM & Inspection Cycle; workshop & draft Law for inspection on environment; draft proposals for indicators to evaluate inspectorate & inspectors; SEI’s BPMS assessment & first proposals for next steps; translation of Spanish templates for mutual inspection plan & annual programme.

The need for a fast endorsement of the Addendum 2, circulated for the first time in November 2015, was as well discussed and agreed.

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