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15.07.2016 | 1.3.9: Final set of workshops: Network of Environmental Inspectors, project’s materials and topics for follow-up actions

In the period 11th – 15th of July 2016 Dutch expert Mr. Marc du Maine and Italian expert Mr. Romano Ruggeri, within mission 1.3.9, implemented a series of workshops with the following goals:  

  • Discuss the possibility of establishment of a Network of Environmental Inspectors, following examples such as EU networks or the Macedonian network of communal inspectors, and what can be its features, tasks and steps to be taken to establish it.
  • Show the materials produced in the project to support environmental inspectors, in particular the latest ones (Waste Watch booklet to control waste shipments, small guidance on sampling and control of self-monitoring reports, and of the translation into Macedonian of BAT Chapters of BREF documents for (i) management of tailings and waste-rock in mining activities, (ii) final draft of BREF for intensive rearing for poultry and pigs) (all materials are available in the section “documents and links”).
  • Distribute hard copies of some of the materials mentioned, plus the Macedonian or Albanian versions of the Environmental Inspection Manual, and the booklet compiling the 12 sector factsheets produced within the project.
  • Discuss what have been the most useful contributions of the project, and what can be topics that could be addressed in follow-up actions or projects.

The 4 regional trainee groups, covering all the country, included central and local environmental inspectors, as well as permit writers.

After preparing the last arrangements on the 11th of July, the training delivered encompassed 4 days (12th – 15th of July), divided as follows:

  • 12th of July: 1-day workshop in Kocani with the group in Northeastern & Eastern regions.
  • 13th of July: 1-day workshop in Negotino with the group in Southeastern & Vardar regions.
  • 14th of July: 1-day workshop in Makedonski Brod with the group in Pelagonia & Southwestern regions.
  • 15th of July: 1-day workshop in Mavrovo with the group in Skopje & Polog regions.

Complementing this discussions a questionnaire was circulated by email, to evaluate the materials of the project and ideas for further topics and materials for follow-up projects.

The feedback received in the questionnaire and in the workshops will be used in remaining Twinning missions and by the RTA and beneficiaries in defining follow-up actions to continue improving environmental enforcement in the country.