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21.07.2016 | Sixth Steering Committee Meeting 21/07/2016

The sixth Steering Committee (SC) reviewing the progress of the project in the period between 12th of April and 11th of July of 2016 and discussing the programme until the end of the project (till 11th of August 2016) took place on the 21st of July 2016 in Skopje with presence of the Macedonian, Spanish and Dutch Project Leaders, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, CFCD, EU Delegation, Twinning project “Strengthening the administrative capacities on central and local level for transposition and implementing new Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU” and the project team.  

After the welcome words by the Macedonian Project Leader, Mr. Firus Memed, the Spanish Project Leader, Mr. Alonso Picón emphasized the excellent progress done in last 3 months, with the implementation of large number of missions, finishing the training programme and last supporting materials previewed in the project.

Minutes of the Fifth Steering Committee meeting were adopted. During the meeting Quarterly Report 6; Operative Side Letter 7; and main outputs delivered in the last quarter for the assessment of the Steering Committee were presented by the RTA. General project progress was assessed as good. Main outputs were listed, including Waste Watch booklet, small guidance for sampling & control of self-monitoring reports, MK translation of Chapter 5 (BAT Conclusions) BREF for pig & poultry farms and Albanian translation of the inspection manual, among others.

The success in the last actions taken in coordination with and for the support of the Macedonian Inspection Council was as well presented.

It was commented that the draft Law for Inspection on Environment will most probably be sent to the Government and Parliament in the second half of August 2016, with the goal to have it in force before the end of the year.

All participants emphasized the highly successful implementation of the project and expressed their wish for further cooperation between the Partners.

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