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03.06.2016 | Mission 2.2.8: Training on joint integrated environmental inspections, for Pelagonia & Southwestern regions

In the period 30thof May– 2nd of June 2016 Spanish experts Mrs. Eva Escobar, Mrs. Ana Ameztoy and Mr. José Francisco Alonso Picón, within mission 2.2.8, implemented a training on execution of environmental inspections in line with EU best practices, in cooperation with two pilot installations, marble quarry and Prilepska brewery.

The trainee group, from the Pelagonia & Southwestern regions, included central and local environmental inspectors, as well as permit writers.

On the 30th of May the experts held a meeting in Skopje with representatives of the Macedonian Inspection Council, where they shared their experience on several questions of interest to the Inspection Council (qualifications of inspectors, training of inspectors, assessment of inspectors and of the inspection activity, planning based on risk assessment, etc.). Besides, that day they made some last arrangements to prepare the training of the remaining 3 days.

The training delivered was divided as follows:

  • Day 1: The group was divided into 2 subgroups and was trained on how to prepare an inspection, by developing an inspection checklist and an agenda for the inspection, taking as starting point the templates developed within the project and relevant documents from the installations (permit, monitoring reports).
  • Day 2: Inspection site visit was performed. One subgroup went to Mermeren marble quarry and the other to Prilepska brewery.
  • Day 3: The 2 subgroups were trained on inspection reporting. Emphasis was made on how the inspection results are an input to improve the quality of permits, to tune the frequency of inspections and to define some key points to inspect in follow-up inspections.

During Day 1 (31st of May) the training group was welcomed by the major of Prilep, and the training session and team was filmed and appeared in Macedonian TV and written media, http://www.prilep.gov.mk/news/mk/proektot-jaknenje-na-administrativnite-kapaciteti-na-centralno-i-lokalno-nivo-vo-oblasta-na-zivotna-sredina-se-oddrza-vo-prilep/.

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