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17.06.2016 | 2.1.10: Training on sampling and control of self-monitoring (waste, soil/groundwater, noise, odour)

In the period 13th to 16th of June 2016 Spanish experts Mr. Lucas Blanes and Mr. Luis Suárez within mission 2.1.10 delivered a training focussed on building inspectors’ capacity in field sampling and in assessment of self-monitoring reports of industrial operators, in particular for the areas of waste, soil/groundwater, noise and odour.

In addition the training was used as an opportunity to promote discussion and networking among the trainees. For this sake the target group included not only central and local-level inspectors, but also permit writers, representatives of several departments of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, industrial operators and representatives of accredited laboratories.

The 13th of June was used to prepare last arrangements for the 3-day training to be delivered on the following days, and to review and complete the draft prepared in mission 2.1.9 of a brief guidance document with hints and recommendations based in practice, to improve different aspects related to the sampling and self-monitoring reports linked to the control of environmental performance of industrial activities.

The 3-day training delivered in Skopje was structured as follows:

  • 14th of June: Theoretical training on waste monitoring and sampling. In addition, in the morning, MoEPP staff specialized in waste and chemicals delivered 3 presentations related to the topics of waste management and last developments regarding the control of hazardous waste and chemical substances in Macedonia. In the afternoon a visit was organised to the PCBs treatment facility “Rade Koncar”, where explanations were provided on the way to decontaminate transformers with PCBs.
  • 15th of June: Theoretical training on groundwater monitoring and sampling. Explanations were as well provided by SEI inspectors of the situation concerning groundwater monitoring.
  • 16th of June: theoretical training on noise and odour monitoring and sampling. In addition MoEPP staff of the environmental laboratory provided explanations about the situation regarding the monitoring of soil pollution and odours in the country. Representatives from the municipality of Skopje explained their experience in noise monitoring, and another presentation was delivered about non-ionization radiation control in the country by a representative from a military hospital.

The Macedonian version of the EU IMPEL Waste Watch booklet for control of waste shipments was presented to the participants.